Alternative ways to get around Brussels

Olivia Regout.

17 Jan 2014, 10:01 Last Updated: 26 Aug 2015, 15:08

If you are one of those who hates driving in Brussels so much that you start to get angry the second the engine starts? This is the article for you. Say goodbye to never-ending stop lights, morning traffic jams, fumes giving you asthma attacks… has gathered a good mélange of alternative transportation options for you to get around the city.

Your car is not the only choice is this matter! It’s about time to try another option. In Brussels, there are more and more ways to compensate for the growing automobile traffic. Not to mention all the environmental effects these new initiatives will have. Today, we are helping you change an ingrained motorist mentality!

We are not going to waste time talking about the obvious train-tram-metro-bus system that you are already well aware of. Below we have an overview of some other unique initiatives that are popping up all over the city!

Alternative mobility



A kilometer by foot…

For the most motivated who have a good pair of shoes, don’t forget about walking. It’s good for you, it’s free, and it’s reliable – we don’t often forget our two legs that can take us across the city. You can get pretty far in just 20 minutes.

And to pass through some of the pretty walking routes in Brussels, why not try out the GR trails?

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