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Written by Baudouin Van Humbeeck - 18 May 2009, 00:00 (Updated: 04 Jun 2020, 09:44)
Bruxelles bio
There's no doubt about it, organic is the dish of the day!

Fashion and decoration, they too, have gone into "green" mode and are joining organic farming, already in vogue for several years...


Brussels is duly involved this mindset: a little more than 27 square metres of greenery per capita - half of the Region taken up by green spaces - enough to make the other European capitals jealous. Let's set off on a discovery of Brussels in "organic" mode...

Brussels Parks & Walks

Brussels is a city in which one leads a good life... It is not only culturally rich but it is also great for walks. Endowed with many parks, fresh air possibilities are all around.

La Promenade Verte: La Promenade Verte is a splendid walk of more than 60km that allows pedestrians and cyclists to make a tour of the Region. To be discovered... Read more...

Le Bois de la Cambre: Located in the south of Brussels, this 124-hectare park is heaven-upon-earth for walkers. Certain roads are even closed to cars during the weekend to ensure the freedom and safety of cyclists, walkers or rollerbladers... Read more...

Brussels Sees Life in Green: As we know, Brussels is not short of green spaces. No matter where you live, you will always discover a delightful little place at the corner of a street where you will be able to go for a stroll in absolute peace and quiet... Read more...

Terraces for Grown-ups and Playgrounds for Children: Brussels is teeming with superb terraces where you can bask in the sunshine when the fine weather arrives, but what can you do with the children? Our charming little children always want to play, move, have fun... There is a solution: playgrounds. Read more...

Green Transport

Public Transport: The Brussels-Capital Region is crossed by many tramlines, underground railways and bus routes organised by the "STIB" (Société des Transports intercommunaux bruxellois). These means of transport are not only environmentally friendly but also will prevent you from enduring many congestion and/or parking problems. By Tram... Just For The Fun and Public Transport Link: STIB

Brussels By Bike: A practical, healthy and non-polluting way to travel in Brussels. Clichés about biking in Brussels. and Brussels by bike

Villo !: We all know "CycloCity": self-service bicycles for rent, dispersed in the streets of Bruxelles-Ville. Now it's "Villo !", the same principle but this time, the entire Brussels-Capital Region will be able to benefit from it. Read more...

Where in Brussels can you eat vegetarian and/or organic?

When a desire to eat healthily, without pesticides or quite simply to savour some vegetables is felt... What can you do? There's no shortage of good green addresses in Brussels. Follow the guide... Read more...

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