How can we go to work throughout a strike?

Written by Olivia Regout & Frédéric Solvel - 25 Jan 2012, 00:00 (Updated: 28 Jan 2020, 13:07)
How can we go to work throughout a strike?
Oh no, not a strike again!

I can hear you saying: "We won't be able to travel for one day. They will hold us ransom. What about getting to work?" But here's the good side: you have been warned! So don't panic, we will help you to find a solution. In fact, this is not complicated: you just have to plan.


By foot

My grandparents used to say: "When I was young, we walked to work everyday". So, we should listen to their wisdom for once. Take your most comfortable shoes and venture onto the Brussels pavements. Again, I can hear you: 'one kilometer, two kilometers...' But let's try a quick operation: afoot, you can easily walk 4km in one hour. Then, going from Schuman to the Bourse, from St Gilles Parvis to the Luxembourg Place or from the La Cambre's wood to Montgomery square won't take more than 35 minutes! Moreover, walking is a healthy sport and will make you feel good for the rest of the day!

Use your bike or a Villo!

You've already thought of it? So give it a try! Use your bike to go to work. Wash it up, check the brakes and there you go! And if you haven't got any bike, you can rent one: Villo. Take out a subscription to Villo! for one year, one day or seven days and walk to one of the 180 available Villo! stands. But be careful, biking in Brussels is not peaceful. Ride carefully and don't forget the fluorescent jacket!


Share a car with other commuters! Ask your colleagues, friends or go online and check commuter's sites to plan your trips. The boldest ones may also try the old way: using your thumb on the side of the road. Because if you are lucky enough to catch a sensitive soul, hitchhiking may also be a good a solution.


If your boss allows you to stay home and telecommute, don't hesitate! Reschedule your appointments and turn your living-room into your new office. And if your company hasn't tried the telecommuting yet, take the chance to convince your boss.

Take a taxi

Going to work with a taxi is of course a good solution but you run the risk of being stuck in the traffic jam while the milometer keeps running. And many other people will probably also have the same idea, so don't forget to book your taxi.

Sleeping at a friend's

You just have to go to your place of work the evening before the strike! Ask a kind friend or relative to put you up! Your friend Fred lives close to the Bourse and you work there too? Then pick up your phone and ask him for a bed. This way will also be the opportunity of eating together and have a drink downtown. 

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