My vintage day in Brussels

Written by - 13 Dec 2012, 00:00 (Updated: 27 May 2014, 13:40)
My vintage day in Brussels
Twenty four hours completely vintage, that is what BrusselsLife proposes to you ! From morning to evening, we have selected the best places for you in Brussels for a well organized return to the past. Follow us, you won't be disappointed !

8am : To fully awaken your brain, review your classics and correctly identify vintage. Do not grumble, any start towards adventure requires preparation. So rub your little eyes and concentrate. You'll learn a lot of very interesting things! We will interrogate you at the end of the course ...

9am : Before facing this day filled with surprises, prepare a good breakfast. No, forget your Choco Trésor Smacks! A few decades ago, we took the time to cook and we did not swallow everything that came out of a box. We have concocted a recipe for cupcakes to die for and it would be a shame that you miss this.

10am : Last mission before the big day, take a look at this selection of essential vintage, so that you do not go home with a mosaic table being convinced that this is the best of the vintage.

11am : Here we are ! Jump on your skateboard and head towards the Halles Saint-Gery, we will start with a visit to the Brussels Vintage Market. Designers and vintage pieces come together for a day so do not miss this occasion, the BVM takes place only once a month. And if you meet Morgan and Charlotte, make sure you greet them on our behalf !

12pm : Laden with treasures of all kinds, head now to the Dansaert neighbourhood and push the door to the sweet Gabriele. You're in search of a dress, a jacket or hat completely out of the ordinary? She will be thrilled to advise you and help you find what you are looking for. In this same rue des Chartreux, you can also have a look at Isabelle Bajart or Lucien Cravate. More vintage addresses in Brussels here!

2pm : Eat your snack and head towards Forest! We take you to search for totally unique furniture at the Atelier 4/5.

3pm : As long as you're active, put on your skates and practice like a real fresh meat! You do not know what that means? It means that you do not yet know the roller derby! We are disappointed but we give you a chance to redeem yourself.

4pm : Come on, you have the right to rest now! In keeping with the spirit of the day, we even thought to offer you a selection of series straight out of your tender childhood. Let's get a box of tissues and cry in chorus about the misfortunes of this dear Dawson.

5pm: You will now get ready to go out! If you have a bandana and time to spend on your hairdressing, we recommend this video to you:

(And no, you are not obliged to waddle while making this funny face, or make bad jokes every three minutes).

7pm : Adorned with your finest vintage attire, head towards the centre! It is still too early to eat, go have a drink at the Second Life Festival. You can relax while listening to live music, admire an exposition and do a little shopping on the upper floor if you're not ruined yet. Pretty Leone awaits you, so hurry!

8pm : Dinner time ! We head to Kika, to enjoy the retro setting and good food. A must in Brussels!

10pm : To eliminate all this, we will now be dancing on good old sounds straight out of grandpa's collection of 33 rpm. And since we are saints and we really thought of everything, go check our vintage nightlife address book.

Midnight : Do Neo Retro parties mean anything to you ? It would be a real shame to miss one of their memorable evenings if they happen to be in Brussels ! Gloria Rojas Galvez

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