Organic, it's fantastic!

Written by Baudouin Van Humbeeck - 13 Nov 2011, 00:00 (Updated: 09 Apr 2018, 08:18)
Organic, it's fantastic!
You've probably noticed how organic products have come back into fashion in a variety of areas, from beauty and cosmetics to the construction industry. That's good news for us all! Take care of the planet and yourself with this range of organic products on offer in Brussels.

Eating out

Want to eat healthily? Biolounge or Shanti Restaurant combine organic food and flavour with talented cooking to tantalise your taste buds. For takeaways or a meal out, Trop Bon is a haven of serenity and calm, and can also be hired out for parties! If you want to cook your own organic food at home, don't miss out on our selection of cookery lessons, which will cater to all palates and preferences.


When you're on a shopping trip, visit one of the many places which sell organic and eco-friendly products, such as Oxfam, Ozfair or Desmecht. From clothing to food to beauty products, you will find everything you need in store or online! Don't forget to take a detour through the markets at Place Sainte Catherine and l'Atelier des Tanneurs, where you'll find a wide range of organic produce on sale.

Organic hampers

"Paniers bio" or organic hampers are baskets of fruit and vegetables which have been grown without the use of pesticides. They cost less because they are bought directly from farmers. You can choose ready-made options, for example with Exquisitegreen or The Peas, or if you prefer, choose the products you want via the Menssana website. At Cookitude you can pick a recipe and have the ingredients delivered to you along with a set of instructions! Some websites such as Yumaah also sell other organic products such as chocolate and starchy foods. Check out the sumptuous range at Les Filles Plaisirs Culinaires for week's worth of the best seasonal produce! Shopping collectives (GAS, groupements d'achats) such as Gaspacho, orGASmmmh and BioSain are also becoming increasingly popular in Brussels. These are groups of around twenty people who agree to buy organic or non-organic produce in bulk directly from farmers.

Beauty salons

You can even beautify yourself with healthy, organic products! Organic salons are sprouting up all over Brussels, to our great delight. Sylvitis offers treatments which are 100% natural, home-made and guarantee you a totally relaxing experience. Beauty Spirit also takes care of you with special offers on organic treatments. When it comes to shopping, Cosmeticaryand Le Cygne Sérénité provide organic beauty products which are good for your skin!


Shops such as Terralana, Supergreenme and Bambootrade in 100% organic and eco-friendly clothes. Numerous other products including household linens and nappies can also be found.


You can even build organically! Companies such as Brusselsgreentech sell organic materials for building as well as advice on how to build an environmentally-friendly house. Feel free to ask for advice at the Centre d'Information Régional(Regional Information Centre) at Halles Saint Géry. They will help you find solutions for environmentally-friendly renovations and energy-saving and will answer all of your questions!

Getting around

What better way to fill your lungs with oxygen than going for a bike ride? It's good for you and it's good for the planet. So don't delay, hire a Villo today or hop onto your bicycle and explore Brussels on a sunny day! Or pop your roller-skates or trainers on and discover one of the many walking routes in and around the city. But these aren't the only forms of eco-friendly transport: you could also be kind to the planet by using public transport services provided by STIBor car-sharing.


Brussels is bursting at the seams with parks and paths where whole families or groups of friends can relax by spending an afternoon in the sun, for example at Bois de la Cambre or the Japanese Tower Garden! Find out about all of the footpaths in Brussels at the city of Brussels website. Also, try out the Experimental Botanical Garden at ULB , the Medicinal Plants Garden at UCL or go along to Place Sainte Catherine and the Grand Place to breathe in the scent of flower arrangements. Cécile Valero

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